We think beyond our age.

We think beyond our age.
Together with our members, we attach great importance to exchanging ideas about what direction the future will take while using the latest technology today. We will be sharing the questions of what we have done for the last 13 years and what to do next on our platform. In fact, the answer to the question of what we did during this period is not very difficult; we have achieved great success with our member companies. We have mediated installation of thousands of plants throughout Turkey as EIF Energy Congress and Fair. Herewith, we can say that at least 20% of the energy consumed in Turkey is produced through the alliances made by our member companies at our expo.

Figures from our members

The Solar Plants, Hydropower Plants, Wind Plants and Geothermal Plants installed by our members
Solar Energy
Hydroelectric Power Plant
Wind Power Plant
Geothermal Power Plant

EIF 2019

Our neutral, global network connects more than 10,000 companies and institutions in nearly 25 countries, from both the public and private sectors. We are proud of trying to be the voice of the world regarding energy politics. Our work includes the opinions and data of those working in the fields of policy, management, finance and […]

EIF 2018

EIF International Energy Congress and Fair which brings the leading actors of the sector together was held for the 11th time with the support of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. At the congress where domestic production, domestic technology and domestic labor was emphasized by the motto of “We Cross the Borders with Our Energy”, […]

EIF 2017

The EIF International Energy Congress, which is gathering the leaders of the Energy sector, was held 10th times this year with the support of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. “Energy for Peace” messages were also given at the Congress, which emphasized national production, national technology and local labor force with […]


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