Dear members, 
Today, energy is an indispensable part of human life and one of the most important tools of sustainable development efforts in the world. Energy is the driving force and essential requirement of economic and social development of countries. From the beginning of the 20th century, we have witnessed the struggle among the countries which aim to possess world’s energy resources and gain dominance in the world. Energy has been assumed as “the power to govern the world” throughout the last two centuries.

At this stage, global wars are actually fought for energy. The paths that countries have entered so as to maintain their reigns over energy have become dishonorable for our civilized world. At this very moment, the reason of our existence here becomes prominent, which is to seek an answer to that one question: “How can we turn energy, which causes all these wars and sufferings, into an instrument of global peace?”

All developing countries face an ever increasing need for energy. As a result of rapidly increasing energy demand, Turkey’s dependence on energy importation, mainly petrol and natural gas, has also been increasing. A great amount of our country’s total energy demand has been met readily by imported sources. At this point, our Ministry declared an explicit intent towards utilizing local resources with the aim of independence in energy by National Energy and Mining policy. Increasing the share of local resources in energy production and developing domestic technology is aimed. Turkey has showed its intention to become a self-sufficient, even a technology exporting, country in terms of energy technologies. We sincerely believe that recently announced increasing export rates are also going to be reached in energy sector soon. Considering this belief, we stated that Turkey exceeds borders with its energy.

Energy sector has a big share in Turkey’s growth story. In order for us to promote our economic growth, we must increase our investments on energy area. Once we add the growth in energy sector to the growth of Turkish economy, we can see how much success we achieve. Another important reason why we are here today is to multiply the success in economics and energy. In my opinion, shifting to more local and renewable energy is very important in this context.

Energy isn’t only about maintaining peace and security, but also about enhancing welfare.

M. Murat DİLEK